This Is How To Make Flower Box Cards Easily

Before making flower box cards, you need to prepare some tools and materials such as scissors, glue, markers, and thread or ribbon. In addition, you need to prepare a flower image on A3 paper or Art Carton 260 which will be needed later. This image can be made yourself or can also be printed, and after it’s finished, you can send your handmade flower cards by post.

After all the equipment and materials are available, then you just need to follow a few easy ways to make flower box cards below:

Image Scissors

The first step that needs to be done is to cut the image that has been made or printed, you can cut right on the line for the box image. While the flowers and leaves can be cut on the outside of the line, this is intended to strengthen in supporting the weight of the leaves and flowers.

Box Shape

The picture of the box that has been cut and then folded to form a box shape, you can put glue on the smaller part of the box. Of course, the glue used is paper glue, but make sure the glue can glue the paper firmly so that the box is not easily damaged.

Create a Layer at the Bottom of the Box

The layer at the bottom of the box is used as a place to attach the flower stalks and leaves, to make it you can use leftover paper. Cut the leftover paper into a square shape with a length of 1.5×0.5 cm, make 2 squares, and then fold the right and left sides to attach to the center of the box. Make layers with a distance of 1 cm, then your box will have 4 layers.

Arranging flowers

The next way to make a flower box card is to arrange flowers, leaves and stems by sticking them on a layer. Make sure the flower arrangement won’t block access to the folded box, so you can stick it sticking out.

Making Greeting Cards

Make a greeting card using scrap paper in the shape you like, then tie the greeting card to the box using string, thread, or ribbon. A beautiful flower box card is ready to be sent to someone you love, then you can put it in an appropriate-sized envelope.

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