Other Mental Health Risk Factors Due to Social Media

The question is, are we ready to face it? Whatever we share on social media, inevitably creates an opening for negative comments. The problem is, ordinary people who share on social media generally cannot overcome these risks. As a result, they hurt their mental health. If you are not ready, you can use CBD for anxiety and depression for your mental health problems after this. Social media muddy the habit of comparing each other. Humans are competitive. However, this hurt him from two sides. When compared to those who are inferior, we boast; if with superior, we are even insecure and depressed!

In addition, social media inflames one’s curiosity. Apart from being competitive, humans are curious and insatiable creatures. However, social media-fueled curiosity is often negative. When social media stalking doesn’t work, we tend to be filled with negative emotions. Social media interactions and real interactions are two opposite things! Face-to-face meetings and real interactions are one of the treatment options for those with mental disorders due to social media. But, during the COVID-19 pandemic, what can be done? You can try a digital detox from social media. If you can’t stand the “heat” of social media, leave your electronic devices first, turn off the internet, and build communication with your surroundings. In addition, social media detox also renews the way of thinking about social media in a better direction.

However, social media detox is not the best solution. This can lead to anxiety leading to mental disorders and an escape into other addictive things! So, so as not to be nervous, combine social media detox with productive things! Social media is dominated by introverts because social media helps them connect with the world without having to interact in real terms. One of the tips for venting your heart without social media and its risks is journaling.

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