How to Overcome a Crooked Penis according to the Cause

Sometimes, your penis can bend. This becomes clearer and more pronounced when you have an erection. A twisted penis can occur with or without pain. The penis doesn’t need to be straightened if it doesn’t hurt. But if it hurts, you need to deal with it and find out the cause. One of the causes of penile curvature and pain is Peyronie’s disease. You can use our treatment on If you experience this, here’s how to straighten the penis:

Treatment Without Surgery

Lithotripsy: This is done using shock waves. Unfortunately, there is no research that proves lithotripsy can treat Peyronie and this method is considered less effective.
Penile suction pump: If you want to do this, the doctor will insert the penis into a tube that has an electric or manual pump. Unfortunately, this method can cause trauma or fibrosis and aggravate the condition of the penis.
Medicines: It is recommended that you take medication only at the onset of Peyronie’s disease or when the penis is not completely bent. Its effectiveness also depends on the condition of the person.

How to straighten the penis with surgery

Although claimed to be more effective for severe Peyronie, doctors recommend waiting 1 year before surgery because some men can recover without treatment. If you have decided to have surgery, the doctor will cut the plaque caused by Peyronie and put it in the skin or blood vessels. The doctor can also remove the area of ​​the penis that is opposite the plaque to treat any curvature, although it can shorten your penis. Or the doctor will implant a device to straighten the penis. These three ways can be an alternative to straighten the penis by means of surgery. Consult your doctor in order to get the best solution for your condition.

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