How To Deal With Unsold Goods Stock But Piling Up In The Warehouse?

Have you ever imagined a school child carrying up to 10 kilograms of weight in his bag every day? I tired for sure. Imagine, how does it feel to always carry the same load every day without a single object being removed? Stiff, yes and in vain with the efforts made. What happens to a school child’s 10-kilogram bag can happen in your business too. Imagine, what if there is a pile of unsold products (deadstock) in the warehouse? Of course, it will only make it narrow while reducing your Self storage capacity, right? Stocks of unsold goods usually occur due to several things, ranging from products that are not suitable for use, damaged, or also not trending anymore. An example of a product that often only piles up in warehouses is fashion. So check my site, how do you deal with the unsold stock of goods?

Why isn’t the product selling? There are several factors, but the most potential is that they are no longer ‘famous’. Do you remember the popularity of Dilan’s jacket when the film first hit the theaters? Sales of these denim jackets increased 5 times and many distros are also producing them. Because it only started from the film, the popularity of the jacket declined and is no longer what it used to be. If so, the product does not sell and piles up in the warehouse. Then, the way to overcome this is to provide discounts or discounts. Giving a discount is the risk of making the profit smaller. But on the positive side, your warehouse will be more relieved to include other products that customers are looking for, right?

If you don’t want to lose too much with these products, you can apply a bundling system. The point is to sell the unsold stock of goods with other products that are of most interest to customers. Apply a lower price when buying the 2 products in person or bundling. This strategy is usually always successful because customers usually really like the bundling system. This is because they can get two products at a time at a relatively cheaper price. On the seller’s side, bundling does reduce profits but provides brand awareness because more and more customers are using the product.

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