Benefits of SMS Gateway for Companies

SMS gateway for companies has a very important meaning, so that a company is obliged to build an sms gateway. Among the benefits that can be obtained by the company are as follows:

1. Sending information on the latest promos, both discounts or the latest programs

2. Sending the latest Product Information

3. Receive SMS Complaints/Complaints

4. Sending SMS specifically for employees or employees based on groups

5. Sending motivational sms to employees or employees

6. Center for access to update info for customers, such as price checks, stock checks, promo checks, etc.

With the SMS gateway, old customers will be receive sms free, always remembering the company or product brand, so that emotionally high bonds of loyalty will be built. and this is part of the service plus for the company to improve a positive image for the company in the eyes of customers. To build an sms gateway in need of several components both software and hardware.

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